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Financial Literacy

Parasmani Foundation a Women-Led NGO established in 2019 by a group of Women Enthusiasts With the help of Few Sector Specialists and Entrepreneurs who felt the pain of the community and the need of the local organization working for Community Development by tackling the problems facing the community especially vulnerable group as woman, children and Elders, Who belongs to the underprivileged Segment. Our Organization is Focused on the Undermentioned Segments with an Impact Investing Approach.

 Financial Literacy
 The livelihood of Under Privileged
 Food insecurity
 Agriculture
 Diseases
 Malnutrition
 Poor sanitation
The situation is deteriorating day by day after the community members met in order to minimize the problems the members were intellectuals, foresight, Elders Minority group, Woman, Youth and stockholders. The community agreed to establish Parasmani Foundation
That works humanitarian activities in. Siliguri and Suburbs of Siliguri –