Startup Incubation

The Parasmani Startup Incubate (Virtual) program is a premium programme for startups who intend to start their entrepreneurial journey.It was introduced in January 2020 to create a sustainable micro-ecosystem where startup founders can work together, share their learning and best practices with each other. The program offers access to deep and wide-reaching network of investors, mentors, industry experts, and enterprises, which the startups can leverage to fast-track their growth and advancement. The program is also backed by a strong Startup Founders, Industry Experts with diverse experience within the startup ecosystem. From providing expert guidance and unparalleled networking opportunities, the Incubate Program is the ultimate place for entrepreneurs who want to learn, network and accelerate in their startup journey

1. Pre Incubation

Targeted at those startups which are in Ideation stage and required guidance from forming an entity to joining the incubation programs which invest cash in return for equity or raise funds from seed funds and angel investors. Our target is to guide these startups through the ideation, product development and business development phase and also help them raise seed funds and/or join incubation programs.

2. Investor Connect

This is for those startups which are ready to hit the market / have already hit the market and are mainly concerned about customer acquisition, team building and B2B deals. These startups may be looking for funding or looking to grow organically without raising funding. We mainly help by connecting with professionals to build the team and the product. Professionals include product developers, business developers and marketing experts. Also, if the startup intends to raise funding, we connect them with investors.

Due to this Pandemic Situation, We are Presently Not organizing any kind of Physical Meetups. All meetups will be conducted virtualy.